Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
British organization founded in 1974 to act as a link between
specialists in various disciplines who are interested in the
theories of Immanuel Velikovsky. The aim of the society has
been ‘‘. . . to bring a rational and objective approach to the
study of Velikovsky’s theories and encourage the detailed evaluation
which is their due in the light of the evidence accumulating
in their favour.’’
Meetings for members are held throughout the United
Kingdom and public seminars and conferences are organized
at universities. While activities are focused in England, membership
comes from around the world. The society maintains
an extensive archive of reviews, reports, and other material.
The society publishes a journal, Chronology & Catastrophism Review
and the SIS Internet Digest. Address 10 Witley Green, Darley
Heights, Stopsley, Beds, LU2 8TR England. Website http
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. http March 8, 2000.