Society for the Investigation of the
Unexplained (SITU)
An organization founded by naturalist Ivan T. Sanderson in
1965, ‘‘. . . for the acquisition, investigation and dissemination
of information on reports of all tangible items in the fields of
chemistry, astronomy, geology, biology and anthropology, that
are not readily explained.’’ For a generation it was the leading
organization pursuing research on anomalous phenomena of
the kind usually associated with Charles Fort. It encouraged
fieldwork and on-the-spot investigation by offering advice,
helping to raise funds, and arranging contacts for members
who planned field trips and expeditions. Fieldwork and research
were reviewed by a panel of 20 scientists.
The society disseminated information on findings through
a quarterly journal, Pursuit, and through papers and reports.
Investigations by society members included such areas as
claims of ancient Egyptian television, ringing rocks, entombed
toads, and poltergeist manifestations. The society maintained
information files of original material, a map collection, and a
specialized library. It was disbanded in the 1980s.

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