Society for the Study of Physiological
The Society for the Study of Physiological Patterns is a
prominent British palmistry organization founded around
1945 by Noel Jaquin (1893–1974) and Beryl Hutchinson to further
the science of hand analysis. The society arose amid the
vacuum created by the demise of the Cheirological Society of
Great Britain at the end of the 1930s, and many former members
of the Cheirological Society joined the new organization.
It differed from the older organizations in that it included a
place for related occult interests such as astrology, graphology,
and phrenology.
As a young man, Jaquin had studied with William G. Benham,
the prominent palmist and author of The Laws of Scientific
Hand Reading (1900). He later developed his own approach to
palmistry based upon the idea that the shape of the fingers,
palms, and nails, and the texture of the skin were the primary
elements indicative of the personality traits of the individual.
By the 1930s he concentrated his studies on the fingerprint and
the five major patterns, the loop, whorl, arch, tented arch, and
composite (a subfield of palmistry called dermatoglyphics). He
published his initial findings in two books, The Hand of Man
(1933) and The Signature of Time (1940). Jaquin, in particular,
was an amazingly productive author and reportedly was the
only palmist ever invited to work with Scotland Yard on their
investigations. In addition, both Jaquin and Hutchinson
worked in the field of medical palmistry, their findings being
published in Jaquin’s book, Hand and Disease (1926), and
Hutchinson’s Your Life in Your Hands (1967).
The Society for the Study of Physiological Patterns has
grown into an international organization with members
throughout the English-speaking world. It is headquartered at
39 Larchwood House, Baywood Sq., Chigwell, Essex 1G7 4AY,
United Kingdom.
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