Society of the Inner Light
The Society of the Inner Light was founded by the British
occultist ‘‘Dion Fortune’’ (Violet Mary Firth) in 1924. Originally
known as the Community then Fraternity of the Inner Light,
it became the Society of the Inner Light when incorporated as
a registered charity in 1946.
Firth was a member of the Stella Matutina, an outer order
of the famous Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and the
Community of the Inner Light was originally intended by Golden
Dawn members as a recruitment body for suitable prospects.
Firth came into conflict with Golden Dawn leaders, however,
and she split away from the parent body. Firth remained
warden of the fraternity until her death in 1946.
The fraternity was headquartered in London and maintained
a library of occultism and mysticism, including the various
works on occultism by Fortune herself. It also organized
public lectures and published a monthly journal, the Inner Light
Magazine, devoted to esoteric Christianity, occult science, and
the psychology of superconsciousness.
The fraternity purchased a site at Glastonbury, long considered
a holy place in Britain, a power center associated with legends
of Joseph of Arimathea. A guest house was established on
this site on the side of the Tor, the famous Hill of Vision supposed
to overlook the Isle of Avalon. Here, Fortune could retreat
from the continued tensions she experienced from her interactions
with the older, male-dominated magic community.
The guest house became a meeting place and social center for
those interested in mysticism.
After the death of Dion Fortune, the fraternity continued
her teachings virtually unchanged for a time, but eventually its
scope broadened, embracing a wider range of occult practices
and dispensing with the initiation oath. The society recommenced
the publishing of The Inner Light as a quarterly in 1993.
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