Sorokin, Pitirim Alexandrovitch
Professor of sociology with special interest in the supraconscious,
manifestations of genius, and creativity. He was born
January 21, 1889, at Turya, Vologda Province, Russia. He studied
at the University of St. Petersburg (M.A. criminal law, 1916;
Ph.D. sociology, 1922). He became a lecturer at the University
of St. Petersburg but was eventually banished by the Soviet government
in 1922.
He moved to the United States and became a professor of
sociology at the University of Minnesota (1924–30). In 1930, he
moved to Harvard University, where he founded and headed
the department of sociology (1930–43). In 1943, he became the
director of the Harvard Research Center in Creative Altruism
where he remained until his retirement. Sorokin published 30
books on sociology and history.
He contributed an introduction to The Psychic Source Book,
edited by Alson J. Smith, which includes an appendix in which
Sorokin wrote on the importance of parapsychology. He died
February 19, 1968.