SoulSongs, Inc., The Center for Sound
SoulSongs, Inc., The Center for Sound Healing is an organization
founded and led by a woman known only as Shulamit
(from the Hebrew word Shalam, meaning whole or complete),
described as a gifted healer and a Kabbalistic vocal toner. Her
work is based upon the Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish system of
mystic wisdom. The Kabbalah pictures the universe as having
emanated from God through a series of levels, each of which
is entered through a gate or sephiroh (sephira). These ten gates
are often pictured on a diagram called the Tree of Life. The
highest of the sephiroh are named Kether and Chochmah.
As a tonal healer, Shulamit uses her voice to produce sacred
tones (the sounds of the Hebrew vowels that are identified as
the breath of God in the Kabbalistic literature). Her intoning
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. SoulSongs, Inc., The Center for Sound Healing
the sounds allows her to access what is thought of as the Chochmah
consciousness, a level of wisdom that exists beyond words
and concepts, a realm that is boundless and infinite. She then
brings that wisdom into a realm of verbal and conceptual understanding
(the sephiroh call Binah) and relates it to each person
with whom she works.
Shulamit teaches that according to Kabbalah, each person
has a higher self (the Neshamah) that in most cases is dormant
and must be awakened. Shulamit offers personal sessions to individuals
who wish to stimulate their higher self into action or
who are in need of healing.
The Center for Sound Healing may be contacted at P.O.
Box 465, High Falls, NY 12440. It maintains two webpages, and
Soul Songs. May 20, 2000

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