Space and Unexplained Celestial Events
Research Society
A paper organization created to cover the activities of James
W. Moseley, an early flying saucer enthusiast and journalist. It
was founded at the time of the preparation of the first issue of
his magazine, originally called Nexus but quickly changed to
Saucer News. In 1968 Moseley sold Saucer News to Gray Barker
of Saucerian Press in Clarksburg, West Virginia. The name
Space and Unexplained Celestial Events Research Society
appeared on the masthead of Barker’s issues of Saucer News
through 1972, but it continued as a paper organization.
In 1976 Moseley started another newsletter. Each issue of
this humor- and gossip-oriented periodical had a different
title, the first word being saucer and the second word rhyming
with ‘‘smear.’’ Saucer Smear can be ordered from Moseley at
Box 1709, Key West, FL 33041.
Clark, Jerome. The Emergence of a Phenomenon UFOs from the
Beginning through 1959. Vol. 2 of The UFO Encyclopedia. Detroit
Omnigraphics, 1992.

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