Spiral Journey
Spiral Journey, a post-New Age networking periodical, serves
the greater Seattle area of the state of Washington. Appearing
ten times annually, Spiral Journey covers holistic health, New
Thought spirituality, and alternatives designed to connect the
body, mind, and spirit.
Each issue is built around a set of brief feature articles on
various religious and health perspectives dominated by a New
Thought positive thinking approach, chosen for their aim to
empower and inform. There are also several regular columns,
including a question-and-answer column by hypnotherapist
Ayal Hurst, and an astrology-tarot column, ‘‘Astrocures,’’ by
health consultant Donna Pinkston, who is also Spiral Journey’s
editor and marketing director. The sensitivity to a spectrum of
alternative spiritual options is demonstrated in the inclusion of
a ‘‘Totem of the Month’’ feature highlighting the symbolic significance
of various animals.
Spiral Journey initially appeared in July of 1997, and grew
out of the spiritual crisis that its editor, Asara Sharon Briski,
had gone through in the mid-1990s. It is published at PMB
6121, 13300 Bothell-Everett Hwy., Mill Creek, WA 98012, and
distributed free at a number of bookstores, health food stores,
and other businesses in its target area. It is issued monthly, with
combined issues in DecemberJanuary and JulyAugust.
Spiral Journey. Mill Creek, Wash., n.d.

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