Spiritual Advisory Council (SAC)
A New Age organization. The Spiritual Advisory Council
(SAC) was founded in 1974 in Chicago by Paul V. Johnson and
Paul Ericsson, both former national leaders in the Spiritual
Frontiers Fellowship (now the International Spiritual Frontiers
Fellowship.) The council adopted a New Age perspective
and built an open fellowship of like-minded people who gathered
regularly for national and regional conferences and in
small study groups. In 1979 Johnson relocated to Florida and
opened the New Age Centre for Alternative Realities in Orlando.
Also in 1979, some people who had found their primary
spiritual home within the council organized the Church of the
Spiritual Advisory Council and saw the first ministers of the
new church ordained.
SAC has no creed or dogma but generally operates within
a New Age perspective. Channeling, both for spiritual contact
with the other world and for healing energies, is accepted. SAC
publishes the Outreach Newsletter. Address 2933 W. State Rd.
434, Longwood, FL 32279.