Spiritual Research Society
The Spiritual Research Society was an early American New
Age group founded by Edwin Cain, Sr., and his wife, Nellie
Cain. The society can be traced to a psychic development circle
that the Cains, both Spiritualists, organized in their home. During
these sessions, Nellie began to channel messages purported
to be from the Great White Brotherhood, the group of advanced
beings believed by Theosophists to guide the destiny of
the human race. These messages were compiled and published
in 1965 as Gems of Truth from the Masters. A copy was sent to
Merta Mary Parkinson, head of the Sisters of the Amber. Parkinson’s
group was an early representative of the Universal
Link, the original New Age organization headquartered in England.
As a result a relationship developed between the Cains
and British New Agers such as Libbie Pugh.
The Cains were introduced to the prediction that a momentous
event would occur near Christmas Day 1967. The day
came and went with nothing momentous having occurred. The
Cains later explained to the disappointed Link members that
the predictions had been fulfilled in a somewhat unexpected
manner. They stated that during the years before 1967, human
life had been tried and tested at every level. During the 1960s,
a visible network of spiritual groups had been established
through the Universal Link. The late 1960s was a time to shift
the emphasis to the invisible work of spiritual practice, which
would spread the spiritual energy in the world. They suggested
a program termed the Nuclear Evolution Operation, through
which the invisible spiritual light would be radiated to humanity.
Cain, Nellie B. Exploring the Mysteries of Life. Grand Rapids,
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