Spiritual Science Mother Church
The Spiritual Science Mother Church grew out of an interest
in Spiritualism developed by some Christian Scientists in the
early twentieth century. It was organized in 1927 by Mother
Julia O. Forrest, a former Christian Science practitioner who
had become a Spiritualist, and Dr. Carl H. Pieres. They believed
they were dealing scientifically with spiritual matters,
and they felt comfortable with the organization of the Christian
Science movement, which they used as a model. Forrest became
the pastor of the Spiritual Science Mother Church, headquartered
in New York, and head of the ecclesiastical council,
which administered the church’s affairs. She and Pieres also established
a Spiritual Science Institute for training ministers.
Spiritual Science is specifically Christian in its belief and affirms
a Trinity of God the Father and creator, the virgin-born
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Spiritual Science Mother Church
Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is seen as the Lord, Master, and
dispenser of the law of love. Humans have been given free
agency and are traveling a spiritual path that includes many incarnations.
Members of the church are expected to demonstrate
spiritual realities in this life. Three principal demonstrations
are emphasized preaching, i.e., clairvoyant messages
from God about what each member has to do; communications
from other realms; and healing through the channeling of
healing power. Members are expected to grow in their spiritual
life, a process termed soul-unfoldment. Salvation eventually results
as a cleansing process through intelligent prayer.
The Spiritual Science Mother Church was headquartered in
New York City for many years and by the 1970s had some 40
affiliated congregations. It was headed at that time by Glenn
Argoe, who had succeeded Forrest as pastor of the mother
church. However, its present status is unknown.