Spiritualists’ National Union
One of the oldest British Spiritualist organizations. It was
founded in July 1890 at the suggestion of Emma Hardinge
Britten and focused attention on Spiritualism in Manchester
and throughout northern England. In the beginning, it was
known as the Spiritualists’ National Federation, bringing together
a number of leading Spiritualists in Manchester for an
annual conference with delegates from other Spiritualist societies
to discuss matters of common interest. This annual conference
still takes place today.
In October 1901, the Spiritualists’ National Union was incorporated
under the Companies Acts, taking over the assets,
rights, and obligations of the federation in July 1902.
In 1948, the British Spiritualists’ Lyceum Union, founded
in 1890, amalgamated with the SNU, transferring its work of
Spiritualist Association of Great Britain Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
spiritual education for children and young people to that organization.
The SNU formulates policy through a National Executive
Committee, which delegates certain responsibilities to
standing and sub-committees such as Trust Property, Education,
Training, and Awards, Publicity and Public Relations and
Healing. The SNU also operates the Arthur Findlay College,
which is based at Stansted Hall in Essex and runs courses on
Spiritualist philosophy, religious practice, spiritual healing,
and other related subjects.
The SNU delegates local matters to fourteen district councils,
with executive committees formed by directly-elected
members in the districts. Four hundred Spiritualist churches
are affiliated with the SNU, most are in the UK, along with one
in the US and several in Australia. The union also maintains a
register of National Spiritualist ministers and mediums.
Membership in the union is open to individual Spiritualists
as well as to churches and other organizations. The primary
aim of the union is to promote the religion and religious philosophy
of Spiritualism on the basis of the seven principles
1. The fatherhood of God
2. The brotherhood of Man
3. The communion of spirits and the ministry of angels
4. The continuous existence of the human soul
5. Personal responsibility
6. Compensation and retribution hereafter for good and
evil deeds done on earth
7. Eternal progress open to every human soul.
The Spiritualists’ National Union may be contacted at Redwoods,
Stansted Hall, Stansted, CM24 8UD. Website http
Edmunds, Simeon. Spiritualism A Critical Survey. London
Aquarian Press, 1966.

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