Star-Esseenia Temple of Ascension Mastery
The Star-Esseenia Temple of Ascension Mastery is a channeling
group that grew out of the intense experience of former
Reiki healer August Stahr during the 1991 solar eclipse. She
has described the experience as a walk-in type experience, but
one in which her own higher energy self was the entity that
stepped in. At that time she was also told to abandon the Reiki
and the related Seichem healing systems, as she would soon be
bringing in a new set of fifth-dimensional energies that would
be needed to assist in the coming ascension of the individuals
on the planet. Since that time, Stahr has functioned as a healer,
a channel, and Quadrant Commander of the Star Esseenia Division.
She concentrates her efforts in the training of people to
use these healing modalities in the effort to facilitate planetary
ascension. In that effort she has discovered a number of new
higher healing energies which she has named and to which she
offers attunement.
Stahr has also seen herself as operating in the program developed
by Solara of Starborne Unlimited around the symbol
of 1111. According to Stahr, 1111 triggers a precoded response
in humans indicating the time of completion or ascension.
On January 11, 1992, Solara opened the 1111 doorway
that will remain open until December 31, 2011. The doorway
includes 11 gates and levels of consciousness. The journey
through the levels of consciousness will move us from the present
ways of living in duality to the new way of living as ascended
It is believed that at 11 moments during the period between
1992 and 2011, those on the ascension pathway will collectively
experience a common issue (or set of related issues). These issues
have been released for the purpose of clearing (removing
them). Thus in 1992, at the first gate, financial survival issues
were released. Once cleared by a realignment to God, the individual
can move on to abundance. The second issues, concerning
personal relationships, were released in the summer of
1993. In clearing them, everything not related to Divine Love
must be abandoned. The third set of issues relates to the sense
of personal power. Stahr has indicated the projected course of
issue releasement through the time of the closing of the gate.
As each set of issues has been released, Stahr has developed
healing modalities for dealing with them. In 1995, she also initiated
the Star Team Mastery Program that would allow people
to do their own clearing for ascension with her as the guide,
rather than relying on Stahr alone to be their healerfacilitator
for the cleansing process. Those who align with the program
are initially linked up with a Star Team, a group of spirit beings
specially trained for the healing needs of the ascension process.
This linkup occurs in private sessions with Stahr over a year; individuals
are trained to work with the Star Team and are attuned
to the new healing energies with which she has come into
contact since 1991. Those who complete the program and
begin to work with the Star-Esseenia Technologies constitute
the Star-Esseenia Temple.
Stahr has authored a number of self-published books that
are used by Star-Esseenia members, including Reality Maintenance
101 (1993), Implants and Imprints A Healer’s View of Ascension
Clearing (1996), Spiritual Discernment, Volume One Sananda’s
Heart Initiation (1996), and Daily Ascension (1996). The StarEsseenia
Temple of Ascension Mastery is headquartered at
10064 Oglethorpe Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758. It may be contacted
through its website at
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