Stella Tenebrarum
Stella Tenebrarum (Star of Darkness) is a traditionalist Satanic
group that was founded on June 21 (the summer solstice),
1993, in Croatia. On that date, three medallions were struck for
the three leaders of the group. Each medallion had an inverted
pentagram, and they were made to be placed next to each
other, at which time the full group motto was depicted ‘‘Vexilla
regis prodeunt inferi fulget Stella Tenebrarum’’ (‘‘Flag of the
king flies through hell, shines the Star of Darkness’’). Some of
the original members of the group, including one who was
killed, served in the Croatian army during the Croatian war for
The Stella Tenebrarum accepts the myth of Satan as the fallen
angel who rebelled against the autocratic God of Jewish and
Christian traditions. Satanism thus stands for the free spirit, rebellion
against tyranny, standing for one’s own beliefs and not
allowing oneself to be forced into accepted norms simply to get
along with others.
Satanism offers an active approach to living one’s life, and
encourages the use of magic to carry out one’s ends. Members
of Stella Tenebrarum are not opposed to the use of magic both
to influence others (as in love spells) or to harm an enemy with
curses. They promote the exchange of knowledge of effective
curses with other Satanist groups. They also recommend the
writings of Anton LaVey, founder of the American-based
Church of Satan, as a means of getting started in magic and Satanism.
Unlike most Satanist groups in the LaVey tradition,
Stella Tenebrarum is not opposed to animal sacrifice, which it
sees as primarily an issue between cultures.
Stella Tenebrarum may be contacted through its Internet
site at httpwww.geocities.comAthensParthenon2026
Stella Tenebrarum. httpwww.geocities.comAthens
Parthenon2026stella.html. May 20, 2000.

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