Stromberg, Gustaf (Benjamin) (1882–1962)
Astronomer, lecturer, and author of books on parapsychological
subjects. He was born on December 16, 1882, at
Gothenburg, Sweden, and studied at the University of Lund,
Sweden (Ph.D., 1916). After assisting at the Stockholm Observatory
during his school years (1906–13) as World War I began,
he moved to the United States to become an astronomer at
Mount Wilson Observatory in California, where he remained
for the next three decades (1917–46). Above and beyond his astronomical
work, he turned his scientific training toward explanations
for psychic phenomena. In this endeavor he wrote a
number of books and articles. He died January 30, 1962.
Stromberg, Gustaf. Det Eviga Sökandet (The Eternal Quest).
N.p., 1948.
———. God’s Place in Modern Science. N.p., 1958.
———. Psychic Phenomena and Modern Science. N.p., 1957.
———. The Searchers. N.p., 1948.
———. The Soul of the Universe. N.p., 1940.

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