Stuart, C(harles) E. (1907–1947)
Parapsychologist. He was born on December 5, 1907, in
Pennsylvania and later attended Duke University (B.A., 1932;
Ph.D., 1941). He became interested in the work of J. B. Rhine
as an undergraduate at Duke and conducted ESP tests on himself
and friends. He went on to become a research associate in
the Parapsychology Laboratory in 1934, and his doctoral thesis
dealt with experimental research in ESP. He was on the laboratory
staff at Duke for the rest of his life except for two years at
Stanford University (1942–44) as a fellow in psychic research.
He took a special interest in psychological conditions and personality
factors in relation to ESP, concerning which he wrote
several papers. During his many years at the Parapsychology
Laboratory he was frequently called upon to answer objections
to the methodology of the early ESP experiments. He died
March 23, 1947.
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