Student’s International Meditation Society
Organization founded in 1965 to promote the transcendental
meditation technique as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
In the early years of the movement in the United States, SIMS
and the Spiritual Regeneration Movement were the two major
vehicles for spreading the maharishi’s teachings, which were
mainly focused on college and university campuses.
In 1972 the maharishi announced the World Plan, an overall
strategy for sharing his teachings with the world and making
them effective in the reformation of society. From that proposal,
the World Plan Executive Council was formed to coordinate
the different aspects of the plan. SIMS was continued as one of
the five divisions of the executive council. The council had
headquarters in Europe as well as the United States. Last
known address P.O. Box 390, Lake Shandelee Rd., Livingston
Manor, NY 12758.