Superet Light Doctrine Church
The Superet Light Doctrine Church is an international religious
movement that developed from the spiritual teachings of
its founder, Dr. Josephine De Croix Trust (d. 1957), called
Mother Trust within the movement. She is described as a Light
Scientist who rediscovered Jesus’ religion because of a special
gift she had to see the light, vibrations, and aura of Jesus’
words. According to Mother Trust, she was able to see auras,
or the light emanations that psychics claim to see around all objects,
from the age of four. As a teenager she developed tuberculosis,
at that time an incurable disease, but she claimed she
was healed by Jesus, who appeared to her in a vision. When she
was a young woman living in New York City, she gained a reputation
as a miracle healer. Important for her future teaching
work, she discovered while reading the Bible that Jesus’ words,
and only Jesus’ words, shone with a light.
In a later revelation she was given the secret of the Holy
Spirit as the Mother God, a doctrine not previously revealed
because males looked upon females as little more than breeders.
In addition, the Holy Spirit told her, ‘‘This is the new
name, Superet, which is the everlasting Fire in God’s sacred
purple Heart.’’
The Superet Science taught by Mother Trust is the manifestation
of God’s light through our light atom aura. All substances
that possess magnetism, especially all life, have an aura.
As an aura scientist, Mother Trust was able to see both the inner
(light of the soul) and outer aura. We produce the light atom
aura, which is capable of receiving God’s light, by developing
our inner soul aura. We can then use that light for healing and
to become successful in life.
The Superet Light doctrine is presented in the more than
25 books written by Mother Trust and in several sets of lessons.
Mother Trust also founded the Prince of Peace Movement, an
interreligious peace movement, on Christmas Day 1938 in
Bethlehem, the site of the Nativity.
The church has congregations in the United States, Canada,
Mexico, Panama, and Nigeria. It issues the biennial Newsletter
of the Superet Brotherhood and Sisterhood. There are Prince of
Peace clubs in the United States, Nigeria, Panama, Mexico,
Trinidad, and the Bahamas. It is headquartered at 2516 W.
Third St., Los Angeles, CA 90057.
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