Synchronicity Foundation
Synchronicity Foundation, known for its support of an innovative
high-tech form of meditation, was founded in 1983 by
Master Charles, a mystic and former leading disciple of Swami
Paramahansa Muktananda (1908–1982), one of the most popular
spiritual teachers from India to build a following in the West
in the 1970s. He taught a form of kundalini yoga. Master
Charles was born on March 14, 1945, in Syracuse, New York,
and raised in a Roman Catholic family. As a child he began to
have mystic and visionary experiences and developed a special
devotion to the Virgin Mary. He attended a Roman Catholic
high school and at one point considered entering a Roman
Catholic order, but became disenchanted with the church as an
As he moved into adulthood, he began to explore the alternative
spiritualities, especially Eastern forms, that were flowing
into the country at the time. Then in 1970, some friends who
had been to India showed him a photo of Swami Muktananda.
He had an immediate reaction to the picture. He discovered a
copy of Guru, Muktananda’s autobiographical book, and laid
plans to go to India himself. His meeting with Muktananda
confirmed the awakening of divine energy he already experienced.
He became a disciple and was given the name Arjuna.
He eventually became Muktananda’s private secretary.
Shortly before his passing in 1982, Muktananda instructed
Arjuna to return to the West and create a form of the teachings
not bound in an Indian cultural format. Thus, in 1982, Arjuna
changed his name to Brother Charles and settled in rural Virginia.
He began to attract a few disciples, and as his following
grew he founded the Synchronicity Foundation. The name of
the foundation grew out of his understanding that meditation
is an experience that synchronizes the activity of the two halves
of the brain. When the brain is unsynchronized, one experiences
the duality of the world. When they are synchronized,
one experiences the underlying unity of the Source of all.
Brother Charles (now known as Master Charles) has also
considered the scientific advances in the West and the understanding
of the role sound played in enhancing the meditation
experience. He discovered that certain patterns of sound aid
synchronization and developed recordings that could be fed to
meditators in headphones. This became the basis of a growing
technological approach to spirituality and mysticism.
The Synchronicity Foundation is headquartered at P.O. Box
694, Nellyford, VA 22923. It offers a program of retreats and
workshops, and a network of Synchronicity centers have
emerged around the world. The foundation has an Internet
site at
Charles, Master. The Bliss of Freedom A Contemporary Mystic’s
Enlightening Journey. Malibu, Calif. Acacia Publishing, 1997.
Synchronicity Foundation Homepage. http June 28, 2000.

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