Tabori, Paul (1908–1974)
Hungarian-born British novelist, journalist, political writer,
scriptwriter, and psychical researcher. Some of his books were
published under the pseudonyms ‘‘Christopher Stevens’’ and
‘‘Paul Tabor.’’ Tabori was born on August 5, 1908, in Budapest,
Hungary. He was educated at Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm University
(Ph.D., 1930) and Pazmany Peter University (Doctor of
Economics and Political Science). He worked in various journalistic
positions in Hungary (1926–1937) and London
(1937–1960s). Beginning in the 1920s, Tabori wrote a number
of books on various political and other subjects. He lived in the
United States for several years as a 1966 visiting professor at
Fairleigh Dickinson University (1966) and the City College of
New York (1967). He also translated a number of books and authored
32 feature films and over a hundred television films and
On the death of psychical researcher Harry Price
(1881–1948), Tabori was literary executor for Price and a trustee
of the Harry Price Library at London University, England.
Subsequently he published a biography, Harry Price The Biography
of a Ghost Hunter (1950), the first of several books on psychic
topics. He died November 9, 1974.
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