Tallmadge, Nathaniel Pitcher (1795–1864)
United States senator from 1833–34, governor of Wisconsin
from 1844–46, and one of the early converts to Spiritualism.
His experiences with the Fox sisters, recounted in a letter to
a friend under the date April 12, 1853, were published in most
of the newspapers of the time. He stated that he had received
messages in direct writing from the spirit of John Calhoun and
also witnessed very strong physical manifestations, notably the
levitation of a table with himself on top of it. He also reported
experiences in his own household. His thirteen-year-old
daughter, who never touched the piano, began to play classical
works and popular airs in trance.
In April 1854, a memorial was presented in Congress by
James Shields, asking for an inquiry into the truth of Spiritualism.
Tallmadge’s name topped the list of the 13,000 signatures
that were attached. Tallmadge contributed an introduction to
The Healing of the Nations by automatic writing medium
Charles Linton, published in 1855 by The Society for the Diffusion
of Spiritual Knowledge. He died November 2, 1864.
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