Tamlin, Sarah (ca. 1848)
One of the very early American rapping mediums, soon
after the famous Rochester rappings of the Fox sisters. E. W.
Capron visited Tamlin and attended one of her séances at
which raps were heard. A table moved in various directions and
‘‘was held down to the floor so that it required the whole
strength of a man to move it from its position.’’ At that time,
the phenomenon of raps spread like a contagion. Harriet
Bebee, a girl of sixteen, visited Tamlin and on returning to her
own home twenty miles away, the raps broke out again in her
presence. And, according to Capron’s account, about fifty mediums
were soon operating in private circles.
Capron, E. W. Modern Spiritualism Its Facts and Fanaticisms.
N.p., 1855.