Teesing, H(ubert) P(aul) H(ans) (1907–1973)
Dutch professor of German literature and former president
of the Studievereniging voor Psychical Research (Dutch Society
for Psychical Research). He was born on March 6, 1907, in
Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He spent his college career at
the University of Groningen (B.A., 1932; M.A., German philology
and literature, 1935; Ph.D., 1948). After graduation he became
a grammar school teacher of German (1935–52) before
assuming a position as a professor of German literature and literary
theory at the University of Utrecht in 1952. He died August
19, 1973.
Teesing, H. P. H. ‘‘Mystiek en Literatuur’’ (Mysticism and
Literature). Tijdschrift voor Parapsychologie (1959).