Perception from a distance through psychic rapport with
the place or environment. It is less than clairvoyance since it
is restricted to the perception of material things or conditions.
The word was coined by psychical researcher F. W. H. Myers
Telergy Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
in 1882 to express sensation at a distance after it was found that
the communication between distant persons is not a transference
of thought alone, but also of emotion, of motor impulses,
and of many impressions not easy to define.
Frequent instances were described during World War I. The
experience of a Mrs. Fussey of Wimbledon on November 4,
1914, was typical. At home she suddenly felt in her arm the
sharp sting of a wound. She jumped up and cried. There was
no trace of an injury. Fussey continued to suffer pain and exclaimed
‘‘Tab [her soldier son] is wounded in the arm. I know
it.’’ On the following Monday, confirmation arrived.