Temple of Universal Law
The Temple of Universal Law is a Spiritualist church
founded in 1936 by the Rev. Charlotte Bright. Bright was a medium
whose spirit guide ‘‘Master Nicidemus’’ was considered
to be a member of the Great White Brotherhood, that group
of evolved disembodied entities who are believed to guide the
destiny of the human race. Under the brotherhood’s direction,
Bright erected a church on Chicago’s North Side in 1956. She
pastored the church until her death in 1989, when she was succeeded
by her son, Rev. Robert E. Martin. Before her death she
oversaw the establishment of a second congregation in Wisconsin.
The temple affirms the beliefs of metaphysical Christianity,
including a belief in a God who expresses himself as a Trinity;
God the Father as the universal law of life that creates, sustains,
and progresses to eternal life; Christ as the perfect demonstration
of divine mind; the Holy Spirit as the action of divine mind
within; the variety of forms of worship; the discovery of spiritual
truth in the Bible and all spiritual truths; and the immortality
of humans. The church teaches that it is the essential duty of
people to look within and begin to awaken the Christ Spirit. As
one comes to understand universal law, oneness with God can
be attained.
Address 5030 N. Drake, Chicago, IL 60625.