The Aetherius Society
Founded by Sir George King (1919–1997), a British occultist
and flying saucer contactee from the West country, whose
mother had formerly run a healing sanctuary. He was in his
apartment one morning in March 1954 when a voice informed
him: ‘‘Prepare yourself. You are to become the voice of Interplanetary
Parliament.’’ It was King’s habit to meditate daily,
and while so engaged several days later, he was visited by an Indian
yoga master who informed him of his mission: the Cosmic
Intelligences had selected him as their ‘‘primary terrestrial
channel.’’ King began to communicate with an entity named
Aetherius, a Venusian who was one of the Cosmic Masters of the
Interplanetary Parliament located on Saturn. (Jesus Christ is
also considered a Parliamentary Master.) Until his death in
1997, Dr. King was in regular contact with these masters.
Eventually King went public when he permitted the Master
Aetherius to speak through him at a channeling held at Caxton
Hall in London. He began the magazine Aetherius Speaks to
Earth (now Cosmic Voice) and in 1956 founded the Aetherius Society.
By this time the issue of UFOs had become a matter of
public concern, and UFO contactees like King were offering an
answer. Before the decade was out, King had attracted a following
in the United States, and an American headquarters was established
in Los Angeles.
King developed a picture of the cosmos as ruled by an extraterrestrial
hierarchy similar to the theosophical spiritual hierarchy.
The hierarchy sent spiritual energy to the planet, which
could be used to fight the forces of evil, especially those coming
from evil extraterrestrials. Spaceships position themselves
above the earth at special times of the year, considered the best
moments for transmitting the energies from outer space. King
authored a series of books spelling out the theology and practices
of what emerged as a new occult religion.
King claimed that he received a mystical consecration on
July 23, 1958, from the Master Jesus for his mission; the Lord
Buddha added his consecration on December 5, 1978. The society
continues and has headquarters in both London and California,
where it owns a complex of buildings. It may be contacted
at 757 Fulham Road, London, SW6 5UU, England and 6202
Afton Place, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Website: http://
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