The Ashtabula Poltergeist
The supposed cause of the extraordinary poltergeist disturbances
that took place about mid-nineteenth century in the
presence of a woman of Ashtabula County, Ohio. First of all,
she became a medium on the death of her husband and produced
spirit-rappings and other manifestations. Then for a
time she studied anatomy in Marlborough, and afterward returned
to her home in Austinburg, where an alarming outbreak
of weird manifestations occurred. Stair-rods moved after her
when she went to her room, light articles flew about the house,
and uncanny sounds were heard. At Marlborough, when she resumed
her anatomical studies, the disturbances increased in violence,
and she and her roommate had a ghastly vision of a
corpse they had been dissecting that day. The skeptical Dr.
Richmond maintained that these phenomena were the result
of ‘‘magneto-odylic’’ emanations from the medium.
Podmore, Frank. Modern Spiritualism. 2 vols. Rev. ed. as Mediums
of the Nineteenth Century. New Hyde Park, N.Y. University
Books, 1963.

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