The Churches’ Fellowship of Psychical and
Spiritual Studies
Founded in 1953 in Britain by Lt. Col. R. M. Lester and agroup
of clergy and laypersons interested in psychical research
and its relevance to Christianity and mysticism. The fellowship
organized lectures, conferences, study groups, and retreats
dealing with paranormal healing, psychic phenomena, and
mysticism and also issued a quarterly journal, Christian Parapsychologist.
Full membership in the fellowship was limited to
members of churches that belong to either the World Council
of Churches or the British Council of Churches or that adhere
to the orthodox theological tradition and held Jesus Christ as
Lord and Savior. Last known address St. Mary Abchurch, Abchurch
Ln., London, EC4N 7BA, England.
Pearce-Higgins, John D. Life, Death and Psychical Research
Studies on Behalf of the Churches’ Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual
Studies. London Rider, 1973.