The Dracula Society
Founded in Britain October 23, 1973, by Bernard Davies
and Bruce Wightman to promote the study and appreciation
of the life and works of Bram Stoker; vampire, werewolf, and
monster themes in fiction; stage and movie adaptations of
Dracula, Frankenstein, and their derivatives; the sources of Stoker
and similar writers; and possible links between fictional and
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. The Dracula Society
historical persons and places concerned with Gothic literature.
Honorary life members of the society include Christopher Lee
and the late Vincent Price, famous for their roles in horror
The society holds meetings, lectures, and film showings and
has organized tours to Transylvania by arrangement with the
Romanian Tourist Ministry. These tours have traced the route
of Jonathan Harker in Stoker’s novel Dracula and visited localities
associated with the book. During the latter part of 1976, the
society’s newsletter, Voices from the Vaults, was amplified by publication
of the magazine The Dracula Journals (now discontinued).
Address The Hon. Secretary, The Dracula Society, 36 Elliston
House, 100 Wellington St., London, SE18 GQF,
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