The Holonomics Group
Founded in November 1977 by Alan J. Mayne and others
to help promote a unified approach to science, parascience,
philosophy, religion, the arts, human development, and
human affairs and to provide a forum for the discussion of
ideas relevant to this theme. The group issued a newsletter,
Holon, presenting concepts and principles of Holonomics, as
well as notices of relevant societies, meetings, reports, and projects.
The group maintained a register of interests and personal
statements of members to assist them in contacting each other
on related interests and experiences and to stimulate the exchange
of ideas. A communication network allowed members
and other interested individuals to arrange informal discussions
and meetings.
The group also aimed to provide an environment that encourages
relevant interdisciplinary research. Last known address
The Holonomics Group, co Alan Mayne, 63A Muswell
Ave., London, N10 2EH, England.