The Institute for Consciousness Research
A Canadian organization of individuals concerned with fostering
public awareness of kundalini, the powerful life force
believed by many Hindus to be possessed by all human beings,
as understood in the teachings of Pandit Gopi Krishna. It was
originally described in ancient Hindu treatises on yoga and
spiritual development. ICR (Institute for Consciousness Research)
believes this energy to be the divine guiding force behind
the continuing evolution of human beings toward higher
dimensions of consciousness and, as such, the mechanism responsible
for all extraordinary talents, intuition, genius, inspiration,
and spiritual illumination. The group encourages the
scientific investigation of kundalini and is confident that such
research will inevitably lead to a new understanding of evolution,
religion, psychic gifts, insanity, and all other normal and
abnormal phenomena of the mind.
ICR members are active in literary research concerned with
kundalini and also support other groups concerned with related
studies and the promotion of a cleaner environment and
world peace. ICR publishes the books and audiotapes of Gopi
Krishna, who wrote a number of books based on his more than
45 years of personal experience of higher consciousness states,
after arousing kundalini energy through yoga meditation. Address
R.R. 5, Flesherton, ON, Canada, NOC 1EO. Website

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