The Light Messenger
The Light Messenger is a periodical devoted to the channeled
messages from the ascended masters and beings from the Angelic
Kingdom. It was begun in 1997 by Bev (Dranda) Dombrowski,
then a resident of Citrus Heights, California. Dombrowski
had been a school teacher in Stockton, California, for
20 years. In 1980 she had a spiritual awakening that led to an
initial channeling from the Ascended Master Kuthumi (prominent
master in the theosophical hierarchy). Soon afterwards,
she opened a metaphysical bookstore in Stockton called the
New Age Center. In 1996, she made an extensive trip to Egypt
and shortly after her return, in January of 1997, she felt led to
begin The Light Messenger as a metaphysical newsletter. In
March of 1997, as had many channels of the ascended masters
during the 1990s, she also came into contact with an entity who
identified himself as an extraterrestrial, Janus, who resided on
the Mothership Pegasus, one of a fleet of lightships. In the fall
of 1997, she added contacts from extraterrestrials to The Light
Messenger. In November of 1997, she moved to Mt. Shasta, California.
The major content of The Light Messenger are channeled
messages through Dombrowski and other channels who have
emerged in the post-New Age Movement centered upon ascension
and the changes coming in the new millennium. It also includes
articles that summarize these channeled messages. The
Light Messenger is published from 218 E. Hinckley St., Mt. Shasta,
CA 96067. Sample articles may be found posted on its website
The Light Messenger.
February 20, 2000.

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