The Magic Circle (Organization)
British organization of professional and amateur conjuring
magicians. It was founded in July 1905 at the famous Pinoli’s
restaurant in Wardour Street, London (long since vanished),
and was originally intended to honor a young professional magician,
Martin Charpender, who had just died. Some members
preferred an impersonal name to ‘‘The Martin Charpender
Club,’’ and when it was pointed out that the initials ‘‘M. C.’’
might also stand for ‘‘Magic Circle,’’ the latter name was agreed
In its early period the Magic Circle convened at St. George’s
Hall in Portland Place, where the famous stage magicians
Maskelyne and Devant performed their feats. In 1910 the
Magic Circle moved to Anderton’s Hotel, Fleet Street, where it
held meetings and monthly concerts (named ‘‘séances’’). Individual
magicians showed off their latest tricks.
The organization still publishes the magazine, The Magic
Circular ten times a year and maintains two reference libraries.
Membership numbers around 1,400 and includes doctors of
medicine, philosophy, and divinity, as well as those of more
humble occupations. However, full membership is limited to
those who have knowledge of and practice magic. Address 12
Stephenson Way, Euston, London, NW1 2HD England. Website
The Magic Circle.
mcinfo.html. March 8, 2000.

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