The Mountain Cove Community
A Spiritualist community founded in Mountain Cove, Fayette
County, Virginia, in the autumn of 1851 under the leadership
of the Rev. James Scott and Rev. Thomas Lake Harris.
Both were mediums who had settled in Auburn the previous
year and had obtained a considerable following. While Harris
was absent in New York the command to form a community at
Mountain Cove was given through the mediumship of Scott,
and about a hundred persons accompanied him to Virginia.
Again at the command of the spirits, the members were
obliged to deliver up all their possessions. Dissensions soon
arose as pecuniary difficulties were experienced, and only Harris’s
return in the summer of 1852 saved the community from
immediate dissolution. However, the dissensions and difficulties
remained, and early in 1853 the community finally broke
up. (See also Apostolic Circle)
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