The Origin
The ‘‘Origin’’ is the name given the source of the channelled
material received by Canadian businessman Amyn Dahya.
Dahya was born to an Indian family of Muslim background living
in Arusha, Tanzania, in West Africa, but as a child moved
to Mombasa, Kenya, where he grew up. He was sent to England
Organisation pour la Recherche en Psychotronique Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
for college, and after receiving his degree in chemical engineering,
he moved to Canada. Shortly thereafter he married
his wife Karina, and subsequently fathered four children. In
1987 he founded the Casmyn Corporation, a company whose
business took Dahya around the world. During his travels he
visited his family’s homeland in India and discovered firsthand
the poverty in which many children were born. He developed
a vision of spending his life improving the lives of others, especially
children. To that end, in 1992 he founded the Bismallah
Children’s Fund. In 1993, Dahya began to receive messages
from the Origin via automatic writing. The first messages were
received when he was awakened in the middle of the night. At
a later date he began to hear the messages, which he transcribed.
The messages asked him to deliver the content, summarized
in a ‘‘Statement of Universal Truth,’’ to the world. The
Origin is described as the Creator of All Things. Origin is believed
to have given human beings all that was necessary for
their service to the world, including freedom to act and flexibility
to think. The Origin guides humanity and has offered a fundamental
guiding principle ‘‘Each of Us is a part of the Creator.
Therefore, I am You and You are Me. Together We are
Everything.’’ The continued reception of information, at first
considered merely a personal event, soon took on more expansive
dimensions as Dahya understood that the messages were
meant to be broadly shared. He received messages of general
significance along with messages for specific groups. The most
important of the latter was a set of messages on the nature of
the scientific task and the problems currently faced by scientists
who do not understand the consequences of their actions for
the environment. The first collection of messages from the Origin
was released in 1997. Further messages are expected to be
released in the future.
Dahya, Amyn. Reflections from the Origin. Vancouver, BC Reflections
Publishing, 1997.

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