The Psychotronics and Folk Medicine
A research center dedicated to collecting and disseminating
information on psi and alternative (especially folk) medicine.
Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian study of parapsychology
(or psychotronics) and contact with the West has increased
measurably. The Psychotronics and Folk Medicine
Center, established in the 1990s, initiated communication with
Western scientists and businesses concerning psi knowledge. It
developed and published relevant literature and films on these
subjects, working with such prominent healers as Nickolay
Kasyan and psychic Nina S. Kulagina.
Edward Naumov, president of the center, was a corresponding
member of the Parapsychological Association. He was
known in the West for his work on ‘‘bioinformation’’ and healing.
He dispensed information on what he called ‘‘the mystery
of Psy-weapon,’’ and the center’s literature outlined examples
of former Soviet government interest in ‘‘radioson,’’ which allegedly
was capable of causing ‘‘acoustic modulations in the
brain.’’ Naumov claimed that the representatives of the KGB
and the CIA reported the creation of ‘‘a generator [that can]
transmit information regardless of distance.’’
Last known address House 1, Block B, Apt. 60, Pl. Poebody,
12193 Moscow, Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States.