The Spiritualist (Periodical)
The name of several Spiritualist periodicals. The first was an
influential British weekly, edited by W. H. Harrison (formerly
coeditor of The Spiritual Times,) and published in London
from 1869 until 1881 (originally issued as The Spiritualist Newspaper).
It was closely associated with the British National Association
of Spiritualists until 1879.
The name was again used by a monthly journal published
in New York and edited by C. P. Christenson, from August
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. The Spiritualist
1915 to November 1916. A third periodical called The Spiritualist
was published monthly in England beginning in 1932 by the
Spiritualist Community, London. The Community dissolved
soon after the start of World War II. The Spiritualist was the bimonthly
journal of the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain,
since renamed The Spiritualist and Spiritual Gazette.

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