Thee Satanic Church of the Nethilum Rite
Thee Satanic Church of the Nethilum Rite was founded
around 1970 in Chicago by High Priest Terry Taylor and Evelyn
Paglini and went public in 1971. The church opposed the
Satanisn of Anton S. LaVey and the Church of Satan, founded
in 1966, contending that LaVey did not believe in the actual existence
of Satan. In contrast, the Nethilum Rite church taught
that Satan was the epitome of God’s creation who possessed all
of the power and knowledge of the universe. Members of the
church sought to acquire as much of Satan’s knowledge and
power as possible. Magical rituals and psychic development
were the primary tools for accessing Satan.
By 1973 the church claimed 538 members. It split in 1974
when Paglini led a group out of the church and founded a rival
organization, Thee Satanic Church. The Nethilum Rite
church ceased to exist in the mid-1970s.