Theosophical Society in America
The American affiliate society of the international Theosophical
Society, which is headquartered in Adyar, Madras,
India. It continues the tradition of Theosophy established in
1875 in New York. The American branch was organized in
1886 but became separate from the international movement in
1895–96. The few American lodges still loyal to the international
headquarters in Adyar reorganized and eventually became
the dominant segment of the society in the United States.
The society is headquartered in Wheaton, Illinois, where it
maintains a library of more that 20,000 volumes and publishes
books through the Theosophical Publishing House. It issues a
magazine, Quest. Headquarters are located at 1926 N. Main St.,
Wheaton, IL 60187. The American branch of the Esoteric Section
is headquartered in a small theosophical community in
Ojai, California. The complex also houses a large library as well
an educational facility known as the Krotona Institute. Theosophical
literature is distributed through Quest bookstores,
outlets being located in several cities, including Wheaton and