Tocquet, Robert (1898– )
Professor of chemistry who published books on parapsychology
and the occult. He was born on June 5, 1898, in SaintOulph
(Aube), France. He taught at the Ecole des Travaux Publics
and the Ecole d’Anthropologie de Paris. In addition to his
many books on chemistry and science, he published Encyclopédie
pour la Jeunesse, a five volume encyclopedia for young people.
Tocquet had a strong interest in psychology and was a member
of the board of the Institut Métapsychique International.
He authored a number of articles and several books on occult
topics. His titles include Les Calculateurs prodiges et leurs secrets
(The Magic of Numbers, 1957), La Médecine se tait (When Medicine
is Silent, 1954), Phénomès de mediumnité (Phenomena of
Mediumship), Les Pouvoirs secrets de l’Homme (The Secret Powers
of Man, 1963), and Tout l’Occultisme dévoilé (Secrets of the Occult
Revealed, 1952.)