TOM Religious Foundation
The TOM Religious Foundation is a Spiritualist organization
founded in the 1960s by Rev. Ruth Johnson in Velarde,
New Mexico. The headquarters were moved to Canon City,
Colorado, in 1970, and more recently they moved back to New
Mexico. The teachings are based upon Johnson’s own study
and exploration of her past lives, which are disseminated primarily
through correspondence lessons, ‘‘Moon Time Studies
in Spiritual Culture.’’ These lessons cover subjects familiar to
occult students, including psychic development, dreams, ESP,
Atlantis, the Bible, and what is said to be original Christianity.
According to Johnson, God is the divine One, Spirit, or Whole,
who knows, loves, and cares for us and manifests that love
through divine guidance. Students may pursue ordination and
receive charters to establish churches. Address P.O. Box 52,
Chinmayo, NM 87522.

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