Treatment and Research of Experienced
Anomalous Trauma (TREAT)
A center focusing on UFO (unidentified flying object) abduction
phenomena, TREAT was founded in 1989 by psychiatrist
Rima E. Laibow. It held its first conference May 12–14,
1989, at Fairfield University in Connecticut. Laibow has suggested
that such ‘‘abductions,’’ which she considers ‘‘experienced
anomalous trauma,’’ are the result of an unknown factor,
possibly one outside the realm of conventional psychological
explanation. However, even though the cause remains unknown,
it is possible to treat the effects (symptoms) which are
themselves well known.
Although Laibow initially maintained a friendly relationship
with ufologists, for whom abduction phenomena had emerged
as a major issue of research, tension soon developed. Laibow
broke with leading abduction spokespersons Budd Hopkins
and David M. Jacobs and removed them from participation in
TREAT. She also disagreed with other ufologists by asserting
the dominant role of mental health professionals, as opposed
to a cooperative (essentially equal) role between psychologists
and ufologists.
In spite of the problems, TREAT has continued to function.
It holds annual meetings in the United States, paralleled by a
series of regional meetings in Europe and Russia. Such meetings
between professionals and interested parties are intended
to create a nexus of collaborators and colleagues worldwide to
further research and investigate UFO and parapsychological
phenomena. Address 13 Summit Terr., Dobbs Ferry, NY
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