Trevelyan, Sir George (Lowthian)
Fourth Baronet, born November 5, 1906, eldest son of the
Rt. Hon. Sir C. P. Trevelyan who was Minister of Education in
Ramsay MacDonald’s first Labour Government in Britain. Sir
George grew up with a background of liberal politics and progressive
thought. He was educated at Sidcot School and at
Trinity College, Cambridge. He also worked as an artistcraftsman
with Peter Waals workshops 1930–1.
For four years (1932–36), he trained and worked in the Alexander
Technique, the psychophysical healing system developed
by F. M. Alexander. Then until World War II, he taught
at Gordonstown School and Abinger Hill School. During the
war, he was a Home Guard Training Captain and following the
war taught at No. 1 Army College, Newbattle Abbey (1945–47).
On retirement for the Army, he became principal of Attingham
Park, the Shropshire Adult College, where he did pioneering
work in the teaching of spiritual knowledge as adult education.
On his retirement in 1971, he founded the Wrekin Trust,
one of the pioneering New Age organizations, concerned with
dissolving the barriers between science and religion. The trust
held important conferences on science in relation to mysticism,
with papers from such distinguished individuals as Prof.
Glen W. Schaefer, Prof. Joscelyn Godwin, and Pir Vilayat Inayat
Khan. These conferences provided a nexus of early New Age
networks. As the new age developed Trevelyan authored a
number of books reflecting on the growing vision and offering
the movement his mature insights.
He died February 7, 1996.
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