Trilite Seminars
Trilite Seminars is a Canadian channeling organization
built around the activity of a walk-in personality named Shaari.
Prior to 1989, she had been a professional in computer graphics
who was also a trance medium who led personal growth
workshops. That year she was in a car accident. During her period
of recovery, she decided that she had completed her life
work and requested that she end her incarnation. However,
rather than let her body die, she offered it for the use of someone
else. That someone came to be known as Shaari.
According to Shaari, she is a commander in the Star Command,
which she has worked with for more than 750 years. She
had an unusual birth as a PleiadianArcturan hybrid. She was
not born of normal parents but created as a result of action by
a Pleiadian and Arcturan council. In her early years, she traveled
the universe studying various cultures. She had a family
with her husband Mishar.
During what on Earth was the 1980s, she had traveled to the
planet Ur to assist the development of consciousness of a primitive
life form. On the return journey, she stopped at the Ashtar
Command headquarters near Earth. This area is under the
command of Veyares and operates under the strict directives
of Ashtar, the Star Command, and the Intergalactic Council of
Twelve. While here, she was offered the opportunity to assist in
the leap of consciousness of Earth and humanity by consciously
integrating into another life form. The Earth mission was to
last 30 years, at the conclusion of which she would take over the
post currently held by Veyares.
Shaari channels Abraham, a member of the Light Brotherhood
and Intergalactic Cmmand, as well as Malaya, a feminine
consciousness. Together she and these two entities form the
triad for which her organization is named. These two entities
had previously been channeled by the person whose body she
took over. The Trilite organization offers seminars and retreats,
and Shaari channels in private sessions for individuals.
Several times a year she leads travel seminars to power spots in
order to provide a focus for the healing of the planet.
Trilite is headquartered at P.O. Box 22040, Brentwood Bay,
BC, Canada, V0S lR0. It does not have a website, but information
can be found on the Internet at http
Trilite Seminars. httpmembers.spiritweb.orgSpiritetjourney.htm.
February 28, 2000.