Trintzius, Rene (1898–1953)
A writer and unorthodox healer, born July 29, 1898, at
Rouen, France. He became a novelist and playwright and wrote
Triad Group Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
biographical studies of Rousseau, Charlotte Corday, Jacques
Cazotte, and John Law. His books include L’Astrologie à la
portée de tous (Astrology for All), Lisez dans vos mains (Palmistry),
La Magie a-t-elle raison (Is Magic on the Right Lines), Les Guérisons
supranormales (Supernormal Cures), Les Pouvoirs inconnus
de l’Homme (Man’s Unknown Powers), La Voyance et ses supports
(Clairvoyance and Its Supports), and Au seuil du Monde invisible
(On the Threshold of the Invisible World). He died in 1953.