Triskaidekaphobia Illuminatus Society
A defunct organization founded in 1984 concerned with superstitions
about the number 13. Membership was comprised
of individuals who believed the number 13 had the ability to affect
the balance of world power and political structure through
the ‘‘Illuminati’’ (persons who are or who claim to be unusually
enlightened). The society sought to isolate seemingly unconnected
events caused by the numerical forces inherent in the
number 13, correlate the meanings of these events, and develop
solutions and strategies.
The society promoted the organization of illuminated task
forces for the elimination of Triskaidekaphobia (fear of the
number 13) from society. It operated a think tank, bestowed an
annual award for contributions concerning the ‘‘power’’ of the
number 13, and maintained an archive collection of media clippings
and videotapes from television shows. The society published
The 13th Illuminated Stratum newsletter (two to five per
year); Thirteen, an editorial report issued at irregular intervals;
and Fear to Feel the Illuminated Network of 13 Concealed Phantoms,
a book. The society disbanded around 1990.