Tromp, S(olco) W(alie) (1909–1983)
Geophysicist, director of the Bioclimatological Research
Center, Leiden, Netherlands, and writer on parapsychological
subjects. Tromp was born on March 9, 1909, at Djarkarta, Indonesia.
He moved to Europe for his education and earned his
Ph.D. at the University of Leiden in geology in 1932.
After military service (1932–33), Tromp was a field geologist
for oil companies in Indonesia and Egypt from 1933 to 1940.
During World War II, he worked as an advisor on oil explorations
for the Turkish Government (1940–43) and then joined
his country’s war effort as the director of economic warfare,
Netherlands Army (1943–45). After the war he held a variety
of positions as an economic geologist. Related to his geological
interests, Tromp specialized in the study of phenomena connected
with dowsing (water divining) about which he wrote several
articles and books. He died March 17, 1983, in the Netherlands.
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