Tron, Giorgio (1884–1963)
Italian physician who studied parapsychology. Tron was
born on September 12, 1884, in Turin, Italy. He studied at the
University of Pavia (M.D., 1910; teaching diploma in hygiene,
1924). He was staff doctor at the Hospital for Infectious Diseases,
Milan (1915–26), hygiene officer at Milan (1927–38), and
director of the Instituto Sieroterapico Italiano, Naples
(1940–53). Tron was a member of the Società Italiana di Parapsicologia
and served as the society’s secretary (1955–59).
In addition to his writings on medical subjects, Tron contributed
articles to the Bulletin of the Società Italiana di Parapsicologia.
He also wrote a chapter on unorthodox healing in the
book Studia Parapsychologica (1956) and on physical mediumistic
phenomena in Nuovi Problemi di Metapsichica (1953). He died
February 5, 1963, in Rome.
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