Tubby, Gertrude Ogden (1878–1967)
Teacher, author, and psychic researcher. Born June 18,
1878, at Kingston on Hudson, New York, Tubby studied at
Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts (B.S., 1902). In
1907 she became the special research assistant to James H. Hyslop,
then president of the American Society for Psychical
Research (ASPR) and remained in that position for the rest of
Hyslop’s life. The society split in 1925, with dissident members
forming the Boston Society for Psychic Research. Tubby, who
had control of Hyslop’s papers, continued to work for the ASPR
as a secretary and as editor of its Journal until 1924. However,
after a dispute with the leadership of the society she refused to
give them the Hyslop collection for their archives. Eventually
she turned that material over to the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship
(now the International Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship).
Also, as a result of working as Hyslop’s assistant, Tubby investigated
a wide range of psychic phenomena, including
mediumship, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, and
survival. After his death, she collected communications apparently
from him from various mediums. These messages are discussed
in the book James H. Hyslop—X, His Book (1929). She
also published the book Psychics and Mediums, A Handbook for
Students (1935; British ed. 1938), as well as various articles in
the Journal and Proceedings of the ASPR.
She died July 1967.