Tweedale, Violet (1862–1936)
British novelist, granddaughter of author Robert Chambers,
and a convinced Spiritualist. She attended séances with
Lord Haldane, Arthur Balfour, and his brother James Balfour.
W. E. Gladstone held sittings in her house. Most of her
experiences came through the mediumships of Charles Williams
and Cecil Husk.
She was a powerful witness in the famous trial when trance
speaker Meurig Morris sued the Daily Mail for libel in 1932.
In addition to many poems and novels, she published over 30
books on Spiritualist subjects. She died December 10, 1936.
Tweedale, Violet. The Cosmic Christ. N.p., 1930.
———. Ghosts I Have Seen. N.p., 1920.
———. Mellow Sheaves. N.p., 1927.
———. Phantoms of the Dawn. N.p., 1924